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About Us

The inception of Handcraftzo is the true reflection of our 15 years of experience leading the production-sourcing industry. Finally, in 2022, we decided to take creative matters into our hands and build our very own brand identity with Handcraftzo. At first, we introduced a small curated selection of handmade collections, which effortlessly became the center of attraction among our loyal clients. Since then, Handcraftzo has become the ultimate destination for art lovers and collectors who love to explore meaningful decorations that add a finishing touch and alluring charm to any kind of interior.

Our Sweet Beginnings

In 2022, Handcraftzo started with a simple idea of regarding antique beauty by bringing together a small, curated selection of handmade collections. Now, Handcraftzo is the ultimate destination for art lovers and collectors who love to explore meaningful decorations that add a finishing touch and alluring charm to any kind of interior.

How We Work?

We help our clients find some amazing eye-catchers at the most economical prices. In addition, we have a trusted network all across the USA which enables us to assist our clients with product sourcing. Our skilled artisans provide great support with the production of all kinds of unique decorations. Moreover, we are known for our fair price/quality ratio, including transport and restoration if required.

At Handcraftzo, we’re focused on helping you design the most iconic spaces with a wide range of creative marble solutions and innovative artistries. Our talented artisans specialize in offering stunning handcrafted goods for you while also producing valuable gift items for your loved ones. In addition, our warehouses extend all across the USA and the globe.

  • Our expertise combined with careful attention to detail enables us to bring your ideas to life and inspire you today and tomorrow by delivering quality handicrafts.
  • We serve sophisticated marble products like Onyx, Oceanic, Black, and more. Our products are designed from natural rocks and Moreover, our contemporary ART pieces build up your creative thought process and inspire your everyday living.
  • At Handcraftzo, you’ll find durable and high-quality products available at competitive prices and within your affordability.

Be a Part of Our Inspired Community!

Handcraftzo is always on the hunt to create decorative gems to inspire contemporary living. Our proficient designers and artists bring life and soul to your interiors with the most remarkable handmade articles in town. We believe every object has a story to tell encompassing different cultures, values, and traditions. That’s why we take pleasure in finding ingenuity and uniqueness to bring only the best to your modern interiors.

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Client Testimonials

We appreciate and value our client’s feedback more than anything! We would love you to see what they say about us.

Yaiser Dehic


I ordered 4 of their ornaments. The quality is amazing. Exactly as depicted. Each one of them is well-made and very easy to move around anywhere inside the house. I will be purchasing additional items soon.

Pauline Baker


Handcraftzo was very accommodating with my requests as I called them personally to order a few antique items for my place. I was worried about the quality and fake material. But it was all worth the wait. I ordered their vintage marble vase, 2 wine goblets, and a set of Italian-inspired onyx marble vases. I assure you their work speaks for itself. I would recommend Handcraftzo 100% to everyone.

Daris Helen


This beautiful handmade marble vase and fruit tray are absolutely beautiful! My daughters love them, and every guest who visits our house loves them too. Thank you, Handcraftzo!


The exclusive marble carvings are a valuable addition to your home, striking the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. See how much our skilled artisans pour their love and effort into the work.

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Flower Vase

Best Seller Handmade Marble Onyx Enormous Vase


Onyx Crystal Large Bowl


Vintage Decorative Marble Pots


Luxury Onyx Round Mini Ashtrays

Flower Vase

Best Seller Handmade Marble Onyx Compact Vase


Onyx Crystal Small Serving Bowl

Candle Holder

Natural Onyx Marble Candle Holder

Chess Board Set

Marble Chess Board with different Styles and Variations

Bamboo Vase

Premium Green Onyx Vase

Fruit Bowl

Carved Onyx Marble Fruit Bowl

Fruits Handicraft

Onyx Marble Fruits Decor

Mortar & Pestle

Onyx Marble Kitchen Essentials

Our Talented Team

At Handcraftzo. We’ve gathered an amazing creative team that is passionate about elegant interiors and timeless decorations. Our client-oriented team focuses on making our clients happy with the best art designs and marble carvings. Therefore, we pride ourselves on having a supportive team that understands and reads the minds of our clients and provides them with satisfying results. So, in the end, if you're happy, we are too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Handcraftzo specializes in handmade home decorations, art collectibles, and marble items. We are known for the collection of beautiful decorations, such as marble-made kitchen items, antique vases, candle holders, and more. Our platform is dedicated to all art lovers who are passionate about timeless elegance and distinctive home items. With a talented team of designers and artists, we aim to create a unique space for all art enthusiasts with the production of out-of-the-ordinary items.

You can view our catalog here. At the moment, it is only available in English. In our catalog, you’ll find all our unique handmade items and marble collections. This means you can discover more of our work other than that seen on our website. Also, we update it daily! If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to send us a message!

You can contact us directly for production or delivery all across the USA.

We’re committed to providing efficient delivery, quality packing, and exceptional customer support. Once you have placed your order via our contact information, we’ll inform you about the order confirmation within 2-3 business days. Then you will receive tracking information after confirmation within 3 business days. We will diligently ship your items in a safe manner. Please note that Parcels typically arrive within 7-10 business days depending on your destination.

Handcraftzo does not offer any exchange or refund policy at the moment. However, you can contact our customer service team for further guidance.

If you have any pending questions, we're happy to assist you! You can contact us at +1 215 5091 240.


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